Getting things done

Methodologies for getting things done


  1. Collect what has your attention
  2. Mind sweep: remove things from your mind that have your attention. Your mind is for having ideas not for storing them.
  3. Write your ideas done


  1. Process what it means
  2. Is it actionable?
    • No
      • Incubate: let it stay in your mind for a while
      • Reference: referred to later
    • Yes (such as project, project plans)
      • What is the next action?
      • Next action takes less than two minutes?
        • Yes: do it
        • No: delegate or defer it


  1. Organize where things belong
  2. Create next-action lists


  1. Reflect on your tasks
  2. Weekly review
    • schedule time at the end of every week
    • reflect on your projects forwards and backwards
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