I received my bachelor degrees in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University(SFU) in Canada and Zhejiang University in China.


  • President’s Honor Roll, Dean’s Honor Roll, Entrance Scholarship at SFU
  • Matthew Leduc Memorial Scholarship in Computing Science
  • Mark and Nancy Brooks Computing Science Innovation Award
  • 13th Place, ACM-ICPC Pacific Northeast Regional (Division 1)
  • Meritorious Winner, Interdisciplinary Contest in Modelling(ICM)

What Langauges and Technologies do you know?

Languages: Java, C++, C, Python, Matlab, SQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Technologies: Tensorflow, Spark, Docker, Angular, Ngrx, Spanner, Flume

What you do to reach your goals?

Taking courses alone is not enough of course. I have limited time and yet to be able to take all interesting courses. I gain my experience through numerous books and attend as many Hackthons and events as I can.